Event Details


Tuesday October 1  7pm – 9pm

Registration: 6:30pm in Brisbane CBD


Wednesday October 2  7pm – 9pm

Registration: 6:30pm in Sydney CBD


Thursday October 3  7pm – 9pm

Registration: 6:30pm in Melbourne CBD


How International Best Seller & Money Mentor, Graeme Holm has helped 100's of Australians JUST LIKE YOU:

  • Pay off their home in 10 years not 30
  • Access lowest interest rates in the country
  • Shrink debt
  • Grow their net worth & secure their future!

All in this MUST ATTEND, one night ONLY, FREE evening workshop!

What you will learn at Graeme’s Evening Workshop:

How to pay off your mortgage decades ahead of schedule

The Australian dream of owning your home outright is possible while you’re still young enough to enjoy it. It’s just that most people don’t know how it’s done. Graeme will help you identify and halt what’s holding you back from paying off your home.

Shrink your debt

With debt hanging over your head it can feel as though you’ll never get ahead. Not only is there the principal to pay off, there’s compounding interest too. The longer it hangs around, the more expensive debt gets. Graeme helps Australians get out of debt by coaching you how not to blow your money. He focuses on ‘leakage’ and how can be better spent paying down your debt.

Grow your net worth & secure your future

Once you’ve paid off your home and are safely out of debt, what else could you do to accumulate wealth and build a safety net around your family? Graeme and a network of highly regarded industry-leading financial advisers, insurance brokers and accountants can help you grow your net worth through investing in property, blue-chip shares or a money-making side hustle.

Total Value: $295

For the first 100 in each event: FREE
Co-Founder Infinity Group Australia, Financial Coach, Best-selling Author
Graeme Holm is Australia’s original Money Mentor, educating and coaching families how they can reduce debt rapidly to create risk free wealth on existing assets held and how to grow their existing asset base to new heights.

After a successful banking career with one of the major financial institutions spanning almost 10 years Graeme co-Founded & established the multi-award-winning Infinity Group Australia in 2013. Now one of the most highly recognised mortgage brokerage and financial coaching firms in Australia. Infinity Group ranked in the AFR top 100 most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand in 2018.

Awarded 2019 Finance Broker of the Year & the mortgage industry’s Rising Star in Australia Graeme has a genuine passion for the financial success of everyday Australians. His Book “The Money Mentor: How to pay off your mortgage in 7-10 years without becoming a hermit” was an international best seller.
Just a few of the 100’s of Australians Graeme has helped:
I found Graeme extremely friendly, helpful, approachable and innovative. I would highly recommend Graeme and he would be my first point of contact from now on, for all matters related to property.


Graeme has educated us & helped us with investment options we never thought were possible or in our reach.


I am now paying off my first unit and by sticking to the financial plan he developed with me and will be looking to purchasing another investment property within the next 12-18 months.


What are you waiting for?!

You and your family's financial future could depend on it!